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Behind Pelephant is a team of developers, mathematicians, inventors and visionaries. We all love our tasks and want to make the world of tomorrow a little better. We work as a team, we think as a team but we are all individuals



the front-end developer with the big ideas

Tech - Enthusiast with a great understanding of the technology stack.
Involved in implementing machine learning web applications for math problems.
My role is that of the Google Cloud full-stack developer and dev-sec-ops.
I love technology and I find it appealing to use my technology to make the world more efficient.



Developer and programmer

I'm working on the math logic that powers the MO application. I try to develop clever and efficient algorithms that can "think" their way through the evidence.
Not easy but challenging and I always like to take on challenges. My goal now is to put these ideas into practice together with the team.



Python Developer

I am an open-minded person, I spend a lot of time in nature, read a lot about human psychology and often play the guitar.
Rock n roll. When time permits, I work on personal projects based on e-commerce or mobile platforms.

At Pelephant, I use my knowledge to work with the team to make the app a little better every day.

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the founder, the enthusiast, the visionary

My job at Pelephant is to lead the team, to live the vision anew every day and to pave the way there.
I am driven by the desire to make the world a better place with my products and to manage a company in which everyone can do their best, which is a place where you feel good and achieve great things.
For me, Pelephant is a vision and a mission. I want to change the way the world learns math, and I know I'll find a way to make this vision a reality.



Software developer and the feminine touch

I bring my problem-solving skills to the development team. We are the creative minds behind the innovation, behind the software application and its possibilities.
I have always loved challenges since I was a child. Here at MO, improving the user experience and monitoring quality and performance are my favorites.
When it comes to revolutionizing the world, at MO I can do my part while cultivating my passion for math. What could I want more?

Image by Lidia Zajdzińska


Developer and programmer

I am a creative head with lots of ideas on how to bring Pelepant's products to market. Our customers are important to me; I want to make sure they are getting the best product they can imagine and I am passionate about growing a startup.